How it works

The best free conference call service, yours in just 3 steps.

Get your free conference call room

Enter your email and receive your access code along with local numbers for 50+ countries around the world.

Share with your attendees

Share your personal access code and phone numbers to your attendees so they can join your call.

Call the world at local price

Each participant dial a local number and your access code. Your worldwide, unlimited and stable conference call at local price.

No need for internet

Kallu works like a regular phone call, everywhere, on any phone. Wherever you can make a call, you can call with Kallu.

No lag, no disconnection

Nobody has time for communication lags. We use mature and robust telecom technology to keep your connection clear and consistent throughout.

100 participants

Mega meeting? Too popular for your own good? No problem. Call up to 100 people, no questions asked.

Worldwide numbers

Every attendee gets to call a local number, available for 50+ countries. Adios international call fees.

4 digits only

Your personal access code has 4 digits only. It’s easy to remember, to share, and is forever yours.

Wherever a conference call is needed

Talking to each other without the internet isn’t an issue anymore. You just need enough signal to make a phone call, and you can talk internationally with Kallu.

At the office

Not satisfied with your web-based solution? Kallu conference calls are made over the phone, so everybody can dial in quickly and easily.

Remote working

You work remotely, or with somebody who does? Kallu lets everyone call at a local rate, and always with a quality connection.

On the go

WIthout the need for an internet connection, you can call at local rates from more than 50 countries to anywhere in the world.

We got you

We won’t share your data with anyone, no matter how nicely they ask.

Your data is safe

We understand the importance of data security. We’ll never sell or share your data and that’s a promise.

It doesn't cost a thing

Like the best things in life, using Kallu is free. It’s just like making a regular, local call.

Absolutely no spam

Spam 100% sucks. You won’t be receiving it from us.

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